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Joseph Andrews

Т8 Издательские технологии, RUGRAM
Fielding H.
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Henry Fielding (1707 – 1754) was an English novelist and dramatist known for his rich, earthy humour and satirical prowess. «The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his Friend, Mr. Abraham Abrams» was the first published full-length novel of the author, and indeed among the first novels in the English language. It is a story of a good-natured footman’s adventures on the road home from London with his friend and mentor, the absent-minded parson Abraham Adams.

Fielding H. Joseph Andrews / Fielding H.. — Москва : Т8 Издательские технологии, RUGRAM, 2018. — 464 c. — ISBN 978-5-521-08258-2. — Текст : электронный // IPR SMART : [сайт]. — URL: https://www.iprbookshop.ru/128507.html (дата обращения: 22.03.2023). — Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей